Spite: Journey to the Top.

3D Isometric Action-Adventure.

by Day Dream Studios.

Day Dream Studios



Fight your way up the mountain with your magical staff to take revenge against Luddha,
the reshaper, and get your revenge on his army of tormented spirits.


Game Reference: Diablo 3

Production Time: 6 weeks half-time = ~120 hours

Engine: In-house FireFly

My Contribution:

Having joined Day Dream Studios half way through project 6 i got started integrating my FMOD wrapper into the firefly engine. I did mostly all the SFX and Music with help here and there from co-workers.

  • Polished the Ambient SFX, Enemy SFX, and Avatar SFX to provide
    a more immersive audio experience in the game.
  • Created and polished the MainMenu Music, Boss Level Music, Level 3 Music,
    Level 2 Music, and Level 1 Music, enhancing the overall audio experience and
    creating a unique audio identity for each level and game element.
  • Imported my FMOD wrapper from his old group and reworked the
    AudioComponent to work with the Firefly Engine, providing efficient audio management and integration.
  • Added the ability to select sound in the editor on AudioComponent,
    allowing for easy and flexible audio customization.
  • Connected the AudioManager to the options menu for sliders,
    providing easy access and customization of audio settings.
  • Synced Cutscene with Audio and gathered SFX for cutscenes,
    providing a cohesive audio and visual experience.
  • Implemented UX/UI Button click and hover, enhancing the overall user experience and feedback.
  • Added Combat Music Component
  • Added Sound Events via Animation Events
  • Implemented Boss enemy Voice line, Shaman enemy Voice line, Tank enemy Voice line,
    and default enemy Voice line, providing unique
    and engaging audio cues for enemy encounters.
  • Implemented Level 3 Mountain Top Ambient Sound, Level 2 Mountain Ambient Sound,
    Level 1 Forest Ambient Sound, and Wind Ambient Sound,
    providing appropriate and immersive audio cues for different levels and environments.
  • Added Avatar Try to pickup Sound, Avatar SecondaryAttack Sound,
    Avatar Primary Attack Sound, Avatar Ability 1,2,3,4 Sound, Avatar Get hit Sound,
    Avatar LevelUp Sound, and Avatar Death Sound, providing appropriate and
    engaging audio cues for the player character.
  • Worked on various other tasks

The Team

Level Designers:

Hannes Wäst
Jonathan Mårtensson
Aleksander Bjelovuk
Tony Heurlin


Niklas Jakobsen
Erik Jerpander
Patrik Fridh
Fabian Randau
Brian Diep
Benjamin Ek
Carl Uvebrant

Graphical Artists:

Simon Grefbäck
Bastian Helly-Hansen
Max Kock
Anes Sabanovic
Linus Härstedt


Mattias Ohlsson
Daniel Fornell
Jonas Berggren

Technical Artists:

Frida Hagelstam
Henrik Lidén