About me.

I am Carl Uvebrant Franzon Gustav Anders. For the past two years I have been studying Game Programming at The Game Assembly and now I am looking for an 30 week internship!. With 10 years as a IT network technician and integrator,2 year learning with UE4 and 1 year in UE5 on my free time, IAm in my second year of school at The Game Assembly. Where i have learnt Unity,Unreal and in-house C++ game engines, Focus was on learning C++ but we did start with C# for 2 mouths. Under my time at The Game Assembly i worked on 8 different game project with teams off up to 30 people and more.


I am social person that loves working in groups, being active in meetings and doing my best to scheme our work as concrete and realistically as possible! Love digging in to problems

Contact Info.

Mail: [email protected]

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Phone: +46736742236