by HejSpel.



Since you messed up your magic spell, you are now stuck in a shadow realm and have to use your three orbs of power in order to get past the creatures that guard the exit


Game Reference: Task Force Kampas.

Production Time: 6 weeks half-time = ~120 hours

Engine: Schools In-house TGE

My Contribution:

Worked on UI/UX together with Henrik Park. The Hardest part was getting the UI/UX to work with different resolutions.

  • Designed and implemented the Intro sequence, providing an engaging introduction to the game.
  • Developed the MainMenu, InGamePauseMenu, and InGameUI features, allowing for easy navigation and access to game options and information.
  • Created the sound system, enhancing the overall audio experience of the game with appropriate sound effects and music.
  • Added Xbox controller support, allowing players to use their preferred controller and providing a more immersive gaming experience. Additionally, implemented vibration support for added feedback and interactivity.
  • Worked on various other tasks
  • Worked on various other tasks

The Team

Level Designers:

Elias Carlsson
Christoffer Carlsvärd


Ventus Andersson
Niklas Fredriksson
Max Hartell
Ivar Jönsson
Henrik Park
Carl Uvebrant

Graphical Artists:

Max Kock
Anes Sabanovic
Felicia Johansson
Sebastian Schaffer


Arvid Aspeborg

Moa Bergman