My Home Solo Projects.

These are my game projects that i have worked on at home as solo dev. with help from google and such.

Temp Name: WorldWar.

Game Reference: Dayz/Red Orchestra.
Game Type: Open World Survival.

Time Spent: = ~820 hours

Engine: Unreal Engine 4-5

Started with me wanting to learn Unreal engine c++ and blueprint more. Turned into me making my own small Survival game.
Have made Unreal engine source build from 4.26 to 5.3 so i have make a dedicated server build. Stuff i have worked on:
Interaction Component,
Vehicle Component,
Firearm and Melee Component.
Health, Stamina, Weight, Radiation, Swimming Components
Worked with Lyra in UE 5.
Integrated My Steam Works API wrapper.
Integrated Discord API wrapper.

Made a burnable fuse blue print "As seen in video".

CanStrike Multiplayer

Time Spent: = ~180 hours

Engine: In-house Firefly

Started with me doing a school assignment to make a simple networked chat program, after adding it to CanStrike to make the online score board i expanded it and added simple multiplayer to CanStrike with a working dedicated server.

Unreal Engine SteamWorks API Wrapper

GitHub Link

Time Spent: = ~40 hours

Started with a friend wanting me to make a steamworks API wrapper that was up to date with the latest steamworks API version. Turned into me make my own steamworks API wrapper for Unreal engine and putting it on GitHub, It is still early days and don't have infinite free time to work on this.